Our is developing a general-purpose visual test system is in the 2012 Spring Festival in front of the world, the system support multiple camera pictures, can support complex logic algorithm, image contrast, eigenvalue analysis, parameter measurement (angle, length, area, etc.), shape analysis, OCR, bar code identification, dynamic debugging and other functions, is widely used in visual inspection of the complex instrument panel, parts of the visual automatic classification, drug and food, visual inspection, and to use visual inspection of the occasion, system is easy to use, powerful can support external communication and contact of input and output. Detection of images can be archived, classified statistics. The vision module of the software system can be easily embedded in other software systems, and quickly realize the visual function for the customers.
The system has been successfully applied in the auto instrument automatic detection device, but also in the film detection, key detection products to be applied. For detailed application of the case, please see the “product display” in the “universal machine vision system GOI”.
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